Business & Project Challenges

Are you planning a move or a renovation or new construction project? Do you want to make good informed decisions on what technologies will best fit the needs of your business or project? Do you need help in developing realistic budgets? Do you want to make well informed decisions on where to spend the money you have budgeted for technology? Do you need a resource to work with you to plan technology infrastructures for your business or facility?

Getting The Most From Your Investments

Understanding your technology requirements and having a plan that is well developed will save you money. Well developed plans typically come in within budget and are usually delivered with few changes. Vendors who bid from well developed plans spend less time putting together their bids and they typically provide more competitive bids. Well developed plans can help you avoid being oversold or investing in technologies that include unnecessary features and additional costs. Having a well developed plan that is well coordinated with your design team minimizes late term issues and related costs. We bring the ability to help create and execute a well developed plan.

Optimizing Your Business Resources

A consultant can be viewed as a business resource that  provides experienced and knowledgeable guidance, leadership, and decision support. Many companies have talented in-house personnel. Planning technology for a new project takes time and effort and in many cases it is challenging to add this type of responsibility to existing in-house personnel and achieve desired outcomes. As a technology consultant we are an added resource that will help you and your personnel make the best use of your time and stay engaged in the process. We work with you and your staff to make sure issues are addressed and dealt with in a timely manner.

Making The Process Work For You

Interfacing with architects and other design team members, qualifying and choosing vendors, integrating with other construction trades, and knowing what they need and when, are important aspects of the planning process for a new or renovation construction project. We bring an understanding of the planning and construction process and the associated scheduling and time constraints, and coordinate with the design team and contractors to make sure you get what you want and need. We help make sure the process works for you.

Integrating Technologies Into Design

Technology systems including structured cabling for voice and data, network, telephone, paging, security, video, sound, cable TV, training systems, supporting infrastructure and many other elements are part of almost every design project. In addition to understanding what is required for each system, one needs to understand the impact on building and space planning and on what is needed to make everything work together. We bring an experienced understanding of how to integrate technologies and how to weave integrated technologies into your building design.

Please contact us so we can work with you to further explore your challenges and requirements.