Technology Program Management(TPM)

TPM is a service developed to support quality, informed, timely decisions related to technologies for business and the built environment. Our TPM services were uniquely developed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses where Owners may require additional knowledge and resources to understand, define and implement technologies to meet their business needs.

Technologies For Business & The Built Environment

In today’s world the survival of a business often relies on the effectiveness and reliability of technologies that support business functions and operations. These technologies may include connectivity, information processing, data storage, communications tools and systems, and security. Additional factors that often drive business requirements include regulatory requirements, legal standards, code requirements, life safety requirements and other requirements that may be unique to a particular business type.

As your Technology Program Manager we provide expertise, leadership, guidance and decision making support. We help you define your technology requirements, help you establish reasonable cost expectations that are consistent with your available funding and corporate culture, and then plan and procure systems and services. We provide industry knowledge and leadership in seeking out and negotiating with quality vendors. We are committed to the independent practice of consulting and engineering. Our opinions and recommendations are made with our customer’s best interest as our guide.

Technology Program Management Summary of Services:

  • Program development
  • Budgeting
  • Programming for design
  • Data – Voice – Video – Sound
  • LAN – WLAN
  • Telephone system
  • Telecom & Computer Rooms and Spaces
  • Security
  • Collaboration between Owners, Architects and Others
  • Vendor Identification and Review
  • Bid & Negotiation
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Observation
  • Systems Review and Verification
  • Coordination of voice and data circuits
  • Coordination of numbers, DIDs and other related criteria
  • Oversight of network and phone system configuration and setup
  • Coordination and planning for technology move

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