The following is a summary of security and security systems services.

Security Program Consulting

  • Security site review
  • Security standards development
  • Policies and procedures
  • Staffing recommendations
  • Systems review and verification

Security Preconstruction & Master Planning

  • Program development
  • Programming for design
  • Standards Development
  • Budgeting

Security Consulting & Design for the Built Environment

  • Integrating Security Into Design
  • Security programming for new and renovated facilities
  • Systems planning and design
  • Access Control & Alarm Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance including IP based solutions
  • Voice communications to support security
  • Perimeter Systems
  • Infant Protection Systems
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Barriers including fencing, security barriers, gate controllers, turnstiles and pay station
  • Local area network infrastructures
  • Servers, workstations, data storage
  • Integration with Life Safety
  • Related infrastructures
  • Security Post and Operations Center planning and programming
  • Collaboration between Owners, architects and others
  • Drawings & Specifications

Procurement & Implementation

  • Drawings, Specifications and Request for Proposals
  • Vendor review
  • Bid & Negotiation
  • Construction Observation
  • Functional Systems Review and Verification
  • Systems Commissioning

Standards Development

We can work with you to develop security standards that can be used with multiple projects or multiple sites to help you achieve cost benefit and support efficiencies.

Please contact us so we can work with you to further explore your challenges and requirements.